Meeting Eight: Valorie Darling

Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer


“We all have to be digital strategists.”

After her time spent at the University of Oregon, Valorie Darling originally moved to Los Angeles in search of a career in acting and dance, but found her niche in lifestyle photography. She has built her career around a community of fellow photographers and her clients, whom she was able to find using her influence on social media.

Her three tips on how to make your own social media stand out are:

  1. Be Consistent 
  2. Be Social
  3. Be Authentic

She believes that authenticity on social media can help you strengthen the bond between you and your followers, as well as make it easier for your potential clients to understand the work you do.

Valorie found her passion for photography by keeping an open mind to new interests and their possibilities. Still wondering what your dream job is? She recommends being clear with your own interests, but remaining open to new possibilities!

Valorie Darling provided us with an insight to the life of a lifestyle photographer and social media influencer. Thanks Valorie!